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A.P.P.A. Lecture Series

Targetting and Immunities
by Birdwatcher A.P.P.A.™
Wednesday, March 03, 1999 01:01 PM

This is a more complete explanation of the entire issue of targetting and immunities in Chron X™:


Before I start the explanation itself, I need to explain a term I'm using. A "gizmo" is the little icon an asset or base gets when you give it an enhancement or program. For instance, Taser Shackles, Joe Jurasek Security Chief, and Prison Camp all give you a Taser Shackles gizmo. Gizmos come in two colors - red (program) and brown (enhancement).


There are two kinds of targetting in this game- targetting by a card, and targetting by a special ability.

Targetting by a card is when a card is IN YOUR HAND, and as part of it's use you need to select a card. Enhancements all work that way, and also cards from the other four types.

Targetting by a special ability is when a card is IN PLAY, and you have to click on a "special ability" button, then select the target. This applies to most assets, and also several cards of each of the other types.

So, when you give your asset a Rakan Annihalator, you are targetting the asset by an enhancement. However, when you use the Annihalator on an enemy asset, you are targetting it by a special ability. Also, when you give an asset Taser Shackles from your hand you are targetting them by an enhancement, but when you use Prison Camp to give it to them, you are targetting them by a special ability.

Untargetted Effects

Now, some cards don't operate in either of the above ways. High Flux Nuke, for example, affects all the assets in the city without choosing a target. This is an untargetted effect. Lohwan's Justice is a similar example.

Napalm Strike is more complicated - You need to target (by an intervention) your own asset to get it running, but ALL OTHER assets are damaged by an untargetted effect. The same thing also occurs with Orbital Cannon Strike.

So far so good? Here is where it gets more complicated.


Now, when a card says it is immune to enhancements, programs or interventions, it actually means it is immune to two things -

  1. It is immune to being targetted by the appropriate card type.
  2. It is immune to gizmos of the appropriate color (brown gizmos for enhancements or red for programs), regardless of the card type who gave them.

It is not immune to untargetted effects by the appropriate card type, nor is it immune to being targetted by special abilities.

That means that Elias, who is immune to programs, is actually immune to

  1. Targetted programs like Shock Treatment.
  2. Red Gizmos given by untargetted program effects (like Mukhariq AI)
  3. Red Gizmos given by any other sort of card (Like Birth Cry).

He is not immune to Lohwan's Justice, which is an untargetted effect that doesn't give a gizmo, nor is it immune to Failsafe Limbic, which is a targetted special ability.

The same applies to all other cards with immunities to certain card types (also, it applies to those with limited immunities - cards immune to poison are only immune to targetting by poisons, or to gizmos with the poison keyword).

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