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A.P.P.A. Lecture Series

A.P.P.A. Lectures

  1. Deckbuilding 101
    Laying out the basics to succesful deck design.
    by The Artful Dodger A.P.P.A.™
  2. Why speed decks are not good in america
    This lecture covers advanced deckbuilding and meta game strategies.
    by Neuromage A.P.P.A.™
  3. The way to victory (yeah, right)
    CONSTRUCT! article about the various ways to victory in ChronX.
    by The Artful Dodger A.P.P.A.™
  4. Targetting and Immunities
    Gizmos, targets and immunities. How these things *really* work.
    by Birdwatcher A.P.P.A.™
  5. Trading 101
    Top Ten Ways to improve your collection.
    by Jacqui-Li and Kraken A.P.P.A.™

Forum Tidbits

  1. Summary of 03/99
    Snips and pieces.
    edited by Crash™
  2. Defense and disruption (Forum Posting, 03/15/99)
    Why defense does not win games.
    by Pudgimelon, Vaticos
  3. Shiden Strider - endless possibilites (Forum Posting, 03/08/99)
    Pointing out some cool combos and uses for Dodgers #1 Defiance card.
    by Crash™
  4. The most important card in Defiance (Forum Posting, 03/01/99)
    Why "Trigger Happy" Jack has such an impact on the meta-game.
    by Dr.Gray, S1
  5. Summary of 02/99
    Snips and pieces.
    edited by Crash™
  6. Bio Hazard Zone, Offfsite Conference and Sim Lord (Forum Posting, 02/26/99)
    Explaining some of the new cards in respect to the current dominant deck types.
    by Ishtar™ DL

Gilmoy Faffle's Forum Musings

  1. World Decks (Forum Posting, 03/06/99)
    Some basic comparism about world decks.
  2. Things That Make You Say Hmm (Forum Posting, 03/02/99)
    Weird quirks in the behaviour of some cards.
  3. Fun with Deptors (Beta Forum Posting, 01/21/99)
    How to make the GenSys Deptor Ugrade pay off.
  4. Hosing the 3 Dominant Decks (Forum Posting, 01/26/99)
    RadTrib, Big Mil and DT-speed giving you a hard time?
  5. Stealings and Ceilings (Forum Posting, 11/03/98)
    Giving a ton of useful tips on cards and strategy.

Interesting Sites Coming with the Release of Chron X 2!

A.P.P.A. Lecture Series
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