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A.P.P.A. Lecture Series

Things That Make You Say Hmm
by Eric Wang / Gilmoy Faffle, Vaticos / Gilmoy Freefall

1) You can't pump a Lancer Rifle during your defense round. (I thought this ability was going to be retrofitted?) Opponent's three Gunships survived because of this ... i had to attack them next turn to kill them off.
At least it's consistent with Active Armor. But I'd gladly pay the cost to pump it for each block. Have the bonus wear off after each combat, like Golani's AT special.

2) The AI would rather lose the game than block your Quo Sung Slaver.

3) Purifying Warrior's +2 FP special works only once per turn, like Eros Mercenary and the old Dominus, even though the card text doesn't state this restriction. So he's at most a 10-7-6. If he has Rocket Pack, he *does* keep the Cult's FP bonus when he flies out of the Cult's city.
I always thought he could pump as high as you had Cult tokens to spare. In which case, Nonames could conceivably win with the FP-25 Purifying Warrior with Rocket Pack, Disruptor or EMP Strike, and Infectious Shield. IMHO, if you can set all that up, and pay half a Purifying Horror for the FP-boost, you deserve it.

4) Try Adrenaline Overload + Gripping Hand. That keeps your weenie alive while you wait for more targets to wander into your HQ. Using the Hand on your own asset still reveals the user to your opponent. So if you really want your opponent to see one guy, have somebody Grip himself.

5) When you Martyr your own asset, your own AT will prevent it (and enemy AT is ignored), even though the card text states that enemy AT is always checked. This is just a text bug; update it to say "AT friendly to the target asset" or some such. Likewise, when you use a Nak on yourself, it fails if you know about your own Nak. Which you always do. So, it fails.

6) Some special abilities resolve by giving various Enhancements or Programs to the target asset. If the target is immune to specials, you can't even target it. If it's susceptible to specials but immune to enhancements or programs, the special will work and tap your asset/charge you resources, but its effect will "fizzle". Some examples:

Elias, and anybody with Escrowed Core Keys, is immune to Birth Cry's Lobotomy, Core Restriction Officer's Mindwipe, Turem System Enhancer's Systems Enhancement, Core Restriction Ice's CA -1 worm, Man Trap's tap-worm, and so on.

Elemental Drone and Warrior are immune to Prison Camp and Security Officer Joe Jarusek, since Shackles are Gear, which they cannot hold. Same goes for anybody in a Siege Bunker, since you can't give Enhancements to them.

If your Silver Star gets Media Frenzy, have him block somebody to death and gain Shackles, then untap him with Insomnia. Then he can keep blocking, and can't be re-Shackled, since he already has a Shackles.

7) Silly, silly kill combo for non-Mil assets:

Siege Bunker
Sanitation Op + EMP Strike
Eminent Domain

It's the cheapest way to grant poison-immunity to a horde of attackers. Or, exploit the Rad immunity, and replace San Op + EMP with Prometheus + OCS. If you need to, you can use the Siege Bunker and Domain for defense, so the combo constituents aren't total dead weight.

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