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A.P.P.A. Lecture Series

Fun with Deptors
by Eric Wang / Gilmoy Faffle, Vaticos / Gilmoy Freefall

GenSys Debtor Upgrade should make for some nasty speed Debtor decks. Compare:

0/2/0 Yasuban Operative
0/2/0 Booster
0/4/0 for a weak Sabo asset with decaying FP.
Any Golani, Hanza, SORO, or Raul blocks him to death.

0/1/2 Sophie S9x
0/1/1 GenSys Debtor Upgrade
0/2/3 for a Napalm-survivable Sabo asset with permanent FP-10.
She can beat down a Golani, Hanza, or SORO, or 2 Rauls.

Even if Sophie dies after her 3 attacks, that's probably more than you would have gotten out of the Yasuban. And Yasuban + Booster will do 24 damage in 3 attacks, while Sophie + GSDU does 30. That's one less attack you need to win. She could use a Micro-Auton, maybe, to reach one-shot DHQ-kill status ... it fits the Corporate theme, and you get it back when she runs out of tokens. Otherwise, you'd need the MMG and a lucky GenSys Tech training session.

Carlos C12x also becomes FP-9. He doesn't have any evasion skill, but if he comes down early enough, he might not need any ... that's typical for speed. Give him some hoser programs to assist Sophie, especially False Alarm and Circadian Reset.

4 Carlos C12x
4 Sophie S9x (replaces Yasuban)
4 GenSys Debtor Upgrade (replaces Booster)
2 False Alarm
2 Circadian Reset

That takes up about half the deck. Fill it out with the usual suspects.

More fun with Debtors:

Marcus is decent as an A-8 defender against Concussion Grenade combos. Pillbox may be better, since it's also immune to War Crimes, and with both of them hosed by D Talks, you might as well go for Pillbox's FP-8 and punish the non-D Talks decks. But Marcus is somewhat faster (Turn 1 with a Thalmann), and he can counterattack ... which is nice to remove that early ComForce Barracks or Nuke from your HQ.

One benefit of defending with Marcus is that you can sneak a GenSys Tech next to him. Then Marcus gradually gets bigger, for free. Tech is vulnerable to Napalm, of course. So set up the GenSys Academy (Dev Labs and a couple of Techs) next to your HQ, and shuttle your Marcuses back and forth. Sophie gets big, too. This is a late-game win ... a couple of fully jacked Sophies are probably comparable to Dominus or Purifying Horror. (They better be ... they take about as long for you to produce.)

Use Militia Machine Gunner to lower Marcus to FP-2. Then you can give him a Debtor Upgrade. Next turn, he'll be FP-12. I tested it, and it works fine. I pinned Marcus and gave him an Upgrade, then later pinned him again and trained his FP once. So he was a permanent FP-14. MMG hoses your Arell Cartel HQ's special until you draw him, though.

Or, if you really need to kill something big, try giving Booster to Marcus. Then as the Booster drags Marcus's FP down, give him a Debtor Upgrade and/or GenSys Tech training. When your patience runs out, have HazMat Team flush the Booster out of his veins. Any Debtor could attain unlimited FP using this trick.

A similar combo works with CyberRig and Escrowed Core Keys. Phantom your Debtors down, train their FP back up, eventually equip the Core Keys to remove all of the Phantoms. CyberRigs are decent for defense in any case. With some Routing Opts, the whole combo becomes a cyber engine. Grom Scribes feeding some C-11 Marcuses would be pretty funny.

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