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A.P.P.A. Lecture Series

Forum Tidbits 03/99

These passages are extracted from postings in the regular Chron X™ forum, because we feel it would be sad if those little, but ever so useful, information bits would be lost when the forum messages get cleaned up (messages fall out after 90 days).

'Interesting combo of the day' by Gilmoy 03/31/99
Nonames Control Officer, UN WarTech, Veteran Mercenary. NCO (and FUSCO) give you free shackles ... shades of the old Camp/Thief. But you need an enemy asset ... no more Shackling your own B&E. (BTW, who else has accidentally Camp-shackled their own Thief? Dang mouse :-) And your opponent might not be playing Nonames. So you let him buy your Vet Merc :-)
If your opponent is playing BSM and has no Covert, your Vet Mercs go to town. If he steals your Vet Merc, you pump NCO with the WarTechs and shackle him. Then you can run your Thief combo. Repeat with a couple other Vet Mercs ... once you have 2-3 shackled Mercs, drop Finnegan and start stealing his Covert. When he's out of Covert, buy back your Vet Mercs. Then you can win any bidding war ... so you eventually end up with loyal Vet Mercs and a hand full of Shackles :-)

'Interesting combo of the day' by Gilmoy 03/23/99
Dragon Company Torcher + Surgical Augmentation + Mobile Six Commando
6-10-10 Firststrike non-multi
This looks better than recycling Silver Star for 6-12-4, because M6/Torcher survives that 2nd Napalm, and can't be shot by LDG. Plus, you can Conc with him. I think no other organic comes close to Torcher's natural x-10-10.

'Some corpse-combos' by Gilmoy 03/23/99
1) Sim Lord + Death Mist. Feeds a steady stream of corpses for your Mindslaver/Xing deck. And for free, and without even having to press any Special buttons. The ultimate in cost-efficient, zero-maintenance corpse generation. And you can Rejuv the occasional monkey if you need a chump blocker.
2) Generator + Autodoc. You can pull Saiko to pull Autodocs. Hence, Autodoc is one of the faster corpse-generator "combos". And of course it's useful by itself, keeping its host alive.
3) Suicide Speed Weenie. Just play 2-for-1s, Chucks, and Red Claws, and attack pell-mell until they all die. If you're backing them up with WarMachines or Mindslaver/Rain, your opponent is damned if he kills them, damned if he doesn't. Your long-term objective is corpses, so you don't care if they die ... and in some reasonable fraction of your games, they'll even win for you outright. Defend with Urdans and Texan Demos to combine corpse-gen with asset-removal.
4) Buster Night + Dr. Rush. Pull, addict, attack, suicide. Kind of like suicide speed weenie, but with somewhat longer set-up time.
5) Wackier ideas include Nuking or San Opping yourself. But that's kind of a waste of a perfectly good Nuke.

'Electrical Defense' by Sirtemple 03/14/99
The deck is a 43 card Euro Deck. It's based on the card Electrical Defenses, which was my submission to the card design contest. Anywho, the deck contains various immobile UN Mechs (Pillboxes, Security Checkpoints, and Perimeter Fences) that set up an early defense. The idea is that they'll buy you time to find the enemy HQ, and drop some defenses there. Once a pillbox is in his HQ, play UN Command Orders, Security Precautions, multiple Electrical Defenses, and attack.

'DHQ placement' by Birdwatcher 03/10/99
All of these assume that the opponent is NOT using DHQ as well, and that placement is totally random. This is the ordering, from most likely to have several HQs in the same city to least likely:
America - 1 HQ in each city - 0% / 2 HQs in same city - 75% / 3 HQs in same city - 25%
Asia       - 1 HQ in each city - 59% / 2 HQs in same city - 39% / 3 HQs in same city - 2%
Pacifica - 1 HQ in each city - 61% / 2 HQs in same city - 37% / 3 HQs in same city - 2%
Europe  - 1 HQ in each city - 69% / 2 HQs in same city - 30% / 3 HQs in same city - 1%
World    - 1 HQ in each city - 74.7% / 2 HQs in same city - 15% / 3 HQs in same city - 0.3%
With the exception of World, all the results are rounded to the nearest whole percentage.
This calculation takes into account the fact that in World and Asia games, there is a varying amount of "legal" cities to start in depending on the opponent's location.

'More Shiden Strider tricks' by GenghisX and Gilmoy 03/09/99
Stormcatcher AI + Shiden Strider
With a base CA of 10 from the Stormcatcher, Shiden Strider can attack for 13, and since Stormcatcher is a Construct instead of an enhancement, you don't have to worry about losing 2 cards when a Strider dies.
Shiden Strider + Ascendant Master
Then all your Monastery guys are expendable. Master can run Stormcatcher, too.

'Luminous AI circumventions' by Gilmoy 03/06/99
Lum AI eats all your Cyber at the end of your turn. Ergo, run Wiretap *before* Lum AI, or the Lum will just kill it.
Lum AI also hoses your defense-round actions that cost Cyber. These include Bion Pod, Blinder Cannon, Tesla Coil, and Venus Fly Trap. Emergency Funds could help. Better is to just build your Lum deck with other defenses.
You can exploit "first played, first paid". Currently, there's one end-of-turn effect that generates Cyber: Casualty Insurance + dead Cyber guy going to your Body Bank. So run Insurance after Lum AI, and start killing Cyber assets, e.g. by Misting Worker Sim. (Property Insurance and Routing Opt can give you Cyber during your opponent's turn ... also, your opponent could Deface your Construct. But those are unreliable.)

'Pack Juicer' by Dodger 03/06/99
Note that the Pack Juicers special ability is used at the start of the turn. So if he dies during your opponents turn you have a 15% chance that the (dead) Juicer will return to your hand at the start of your turn! That's a free Med Evac for you :)

'Account Freeze vs. Emergency Funds' by Gilmoy 03/06/99
Silly idea: Account Freeze used to prevent Peacekeeping Force (PKF). You can use Emergency Funds (EF) during your defense round to gain 2/2/2, but that's not enough to pay 0/3/0 for PKF or 0/4/0 for Golani HQ's special. So use some active defenses, e.g LDG + Artillery, or 2 of Bion Pod, Blinder Cannon, and/or Tesla Coil. That lowers your Mil or Cyber to 0, which lets you invoke a 2nd EF.
With 6 of Pod tokens, Blinder, and/or Tesla, you could invoke all 4 EF to pay for a defensive Napalm. And those Sarkov Escorts thought the Freeze would save them ...
Freeze combos probably don't have to worry about 2 EF + PKF. Active defenses are a bit harder to neutralize, though.

'BCDs, Items and Tinker Bots' by Gilmoy and Khrusher 03/06/99
Try this: split your BCDs down to 1-HP each. Feed them all to a Tinker Bot to make it, oh, say, 10-30-30. Equip Sacrificial Anode Array. Using two Field Tech Troopers, attack, untap, attack, untap, attack. You just paid 0/0/6 and a card (the SAA) to attack 3 times at FP-30, and your Tinker took 0 damage. Next turn, do it again.
SAA is an Item -- use Nanodyne Outfitter to bounce it when it runs down to one counter. In fact, any mech-based deck can benefit greatly from bouncing SAAs.
While on the subject of Items and Tinker Bots, equipping the bot with an Infectious Shield (another Item) makes it even more formidable -- basically only mechs can block the Tinker Bot in this case. And the Shield can be bounced from mech to mech to keep up a continuous assault of invulnerable, unblockable assets. With Von Neumann Demon to eat all the dead mechanicals that start to pile up on your opponent's side, and by feeding the resulting Demons to the Bots to make them even bigger, you can get a pretty evil assault going. Just beware of Command Bolts =)

'Surgical Assault Strike' by Varchild 03/04/99
YES! It feels good to make a competitive deck that wins the games NEARLY always before or on turn 7 using only 4 cards that win you the game. These 4 cards are surg strike.
How is it done?? I once drew a hand of NO surg strikes and 1 sarkov.. I won the game at turn 6. I had 0 structures in hand as well! How is it done?
1) Map: Pacifica
2) Use various Resource interventions
3) even though autocannons can be played in multiples, use 1 of each structure in deck. total = 5.
4) use 4 of every 2 for 1 asset.
Now simply deploy common covert base in TDEP, thalman, deploy 2 for 1. Emimnent domain covert base. Next turn deploy military base, move both 2 for 1s to get sacked. Deploy another base in TDEP (military this time).
Now the idea is to FIND the opponents hq. If the opponent is using Underground hq. THAT is the ONLY hq to destroy this deck. If he is using Distributed or armored or military, then more autocannons ARE THEN needed in this deck.
Once you find hq, equip the hq with tons of structures. Not enough resources? Use military surplus. Use another eminent domain, or thal or maybe you have emergency funds.
Either way if its BALANCED and its TWEAKED and its messed with for awhile you should get 25 damage amounted in strucures + surges to win the game on or before turn 7!

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