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A.P.P.A. Principles

We members of the A.P.P.A. support the concepts of fun and fair game play.
It is what we are all about and what our name stands for.
We expect our members to support the same simple ideals.

Knowing it is best to practice what we preach...
here are some things we ask and some things we require of our members:
  1. A.P.P.A. is about fair sportmanship, so we ask you to show an acceptable behaviour during any game and while being in a ChronX chat. Acceptable behaviour is defined by the ChronX Rules of Conduct and, most importantly, common sense.

  2. We ask that you try to keep unresolved game percentages below 10% and that after you played 100 ranked games your unresolved percentage be below 7%.

  3. We ask that, if you lose connection and receive an unresolved game, you concede a game to your opponent, even if it was an unintentional server or ISP error. You should do this everytime you feel you may have lost the game if it had not have been disconnected.

  4. We feel #3 is a good way to play for two reasons:
    1. It supports the principles on which this faction was built.
    2. Who wants bad publicity?

  5. The one and only thing we require, is that you never disconnect your modem in a game to avoid a loss. This is grounds for banishment from the faction upon second offense.
Last updated on 01/15/08 by Crash