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Selected ChronX Sites

hold on to your genes...
hold on to your genes...

A link here to SevenBlueSeven's Card ideas
Send yours to Crash

APPA Members, you need to get your ICQ

ShadowLord's Java Games Collection is very cool! 

Other Clans


Click on the faction icon to contact the leader or find out more


The Chicken Clan: Yes, this is a real (albeit strange) Chron X faction. No high ASCII in your name required to join! Good fun and fair play are the watchwords of TCC. Founded and maintained by Nick Bouton.

The Codices: From out of the ashes of destruction rose the fiery phoenix. The Codices took this mythical bird as its symbol to represent their unrelenting desire to bring order out of chaos. If you find yourself wanting to join a clan that plays fair, treats all with dignity, and enjoys the game... come join us.

Howling Strike Force: A group of responsible players, the HSF is determined to promote fair competition through tournaments, mentoring of new players, and a willingness to skill test new decks.

The Beavers: The Beavers were founded due to a natural law. There was a Beaver Slayer and lo - there were Beavers. We are the few, the furry, the buck-toothed. Join us on our dam for some fun.

The Erratus Monks: The EM collect their monks in silence and play with integrity and valor. What do they do with the Erratus Monks they collect? Who knows...

The Dragon Riders: These rebel bikers are interested only in tournaments, fun, and more tournaments. What could be better? Check it out!

The Vaticos: The Vaticos play fair, help others, & creatively enrich the Chron X universe. For more info on The Vaticos check out Geo's webzine Construct!

The ADS: We welcome this new faction, here to stop pullers and help people avoid bad trades! When the sun goes down the After Dark Society powers up! 

Other Clans.... Send your webpage URL to The Artful Dodger
and we will add them to the list 

Strategy Pages

Construct! Magazine
Like card games and strategy? Crave more info about Chron X and Magic:The Gathering? Here's more... alot more.

(4-18-98) An interview with Crash is posted in the Foremann section of the webzine
so if you are interested... check it out.

Chron X Trading Guide by Nitrogen
The relative value of cards based on popular opinion including a Top Ten list

Brain Bank
Chron X strategy and tactics by Marcellus. Contains a rudimentary description of the rules of Chron X, and advice gleaned from (too many) hours of fierce experience on the battlefield. It includes a little of everything: some deck building ideas, some general playing tips, and some specific tactical maneuvers.

Network Anomalies
Created and maintained by StainLess/J.DeGriz. Having trouble finding fellow mercenaries? Sign up and have your info listed in the CIA Archives. This page will include card lists anda player FAQ.

ChronX Sorted Card Lists
Maintained by Rob Reiss. A cornucopia of card lists for Chron X sorted every which way.

Ranma's Chron X Combos - Ranma's Overture Combos
This list describes some of the wildest, weirdest, and most devastating card combos in Chron X.


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