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A.P.P.A. Lecture Series

Defense and Disruption
by Pudgimelon, Vaticos

I think I see the flaw in (name omitted - ed.) logic. That is: "defense wins games".

THIS IS WRONG! Defense does not win games! Defense makes games take a really long time and makes my girlfriend really mad at me (for taking so long to play a silly game), but it doesn't win the game! Static defenses lose! Sometimes they take a long, long time to lose, but they do lose! You can't just sit there at your HQ and expect your opponent to pluck chickens for 20 turns until you build up your super-unblockable combo assault.

So here's the word for the day boys and girls: Disruption!

Don't just sit there! Do something! Build a bridge, start a fire, train a monkey, but get off your perimeter fence and kill the guy already! Remember, a clean HQ is a happy HQ, don't let your opponent clutter it up with messy bases and other ruffage. Clear that garbage out of there and keep it out and you'll be wiser, funnier, and 90% more virile!

What do I mean by disruption? Well the classics are Deportation, Taser Shackle, Restraining Goo, UNWCTrib, D-Tallks, and the mighty San-Op. But more to the point, I mean the concept of not allowing your opponent to play his/her game. It's not simply a matter of metagaming against certain decktypes, it's about hosing ANYTHING your opponent plans on doing to you!! That's why Nuke is such a powerful card, it's the ULTIMATE in disruption (Napalm is probably #2). Why? Because just about every deck not designed by Gilmoy requires assets to win! Nuke and Napalm don't discriminate between mech or meat, mobile or immobile, they just kill everything! WooHoo!

That kind of disruption is especially lethal when your opponent lines up his/her defenses like bowling pins and says: "Here's my Maginot Line, just try to breach it... ah crap!"

Now if playing with Nuke or Napalm in your deck seems like selling out to the Dark Side of the Force to you, don't worry, the Dark Side has a better health and pension plan! But if you still insist on playing with goodie-2-shoes cards, might I suggest that you consider a more disruptive gameplan?

Again, I hate to name specific cards, simply because everyone has different opinions on what would be best, but I would suggest that you look at you deck and ask of each card: "How do you kill my opponent?" If the card answers: "I don't", check into a hospital, you're losing it. But first chuck the card and replace it with something more disruptive.

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