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Joining the A.P.P.A.

If you would like to join us and support what the A.P.P.A. stands for, then send the information below to the APPA Board.
  1. Real Name
  2. Character Name
  3. Character ID number (to be found in the Manage Character screen)
  4. ICQ Number (you can download ICQ at
  5. Current wins/losses and unresolved %
  6. Enter your character name and "APPA Applicant" in the subject line of the mail
  7. Please tell us something about yourself (age, interests, hobbies, why join the APPA?, etc.). Convince us to allow you to join. We prefer to attract an older/mature crowd.
Please follow these instructions to the letter. We need all this information to keep track of our members and to keep the members list up to date. Each application will be reviewed by the current board members. This may take a few days time.
Last updated on 01/14/2008 by Crash