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A.P.P.A. Hierarchy
Rank Title Description
Icon Holder An Icon holder is the first rank for full fledged APPA membership. Icon holder are seen as competent players, with the ability to play the game while avoiding 'newbie mistakes'.
Master The rank of Master gives an APPA member the status (and moral duty) to be a mentor to new faction members. Masters have the knowledge and skill to handle most Chron X™ game situations. A Master should have a global rank that is in the top 30% of the ranked population. Masters wear the ™ symbol as a sign of their status.
Grand Master Masters that have achieved exceptional skill or experience may become Grand Masters. Grand Masters have an active hand in formulating APPA policy. A Grand Master should have a global rank that is in the top 10% of the ranked population and/or a long, good standing relationship with the faction.
Board Member Board Members are Grand Masters who have been chosen to head the APPA. Board Members decide on the future direction of the faction, after consultation with the members. Board members may also undertake the other duties of the Grand Masters.
Current Board: Crash and SevenBlueSeven.

Promotion Requirements
Position Requirements
Icon Holder All new members start out at icon holder status. If you play very rarely you will never progress beyond this point. Promotions are granted based on the official Darkened Sky Rankings page or recommendations by experienced players.
Master Icons Holders who have attained a global rank in the top 30% of the ranked population* and played at least 100 ranked games can apply to the Board for promotion to Master. The Board will decide upon the promotion based on the various criteria.
Grand Master Masters who have achieved a global rank in the top10% of the ranked population* and very high experience (300+ games) may be invited by the Board to become a Grand Master. The decision in this case lies with the involved Master as the position is one of considerable commitment and responsibility.
Board Member To become a Boardmember you must be offered the position by Crash. The position is offered to faction members (Masters or Grand Masters) who go above and beyond the call of duty required by their position.
*Prerequisite Global Ranks for promotion apply only at the time of promotion. Therefore, a recently promoted member whose global rank drops below his rank prerequisite does not lose his rank.
Last updated on 01/14/2008 by Crash